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  • Insight/Vision Self Leveling Color Camera w/512 Hz built-in Transmitter for locating problem areas.
  • On screen digital distance display in feet and meters.
  • DVD recording of all inspections.  Recordings stored on a flash drive for record keeping
  • 200 Ft. Rigid Push Rod optimized for larger pipelines/longer runs.
A Sewer Inspection is a visual inspection of the inside of the sewer pipe using a specially designed video camera.  The camera and transmitter is mounted to a 200 foot fiber optic push cable and provide a clear view of the condition in the plumbing. The inspector and the client can then view the inside of the sewer pipe on a small TV monitor. This information is then burned to a DVD and a written report is provided to the client. Buyers can use this information to negotiate any needed repairs at this stage of the contract. The cost associated with having this inspection before you buy is pennies on the dollar. If you are working with an agent you need to make sure he/she has someone who is doing these inspections as a part of the building inspection process.
These are some of the conditions and or problems that might be found in your sewer system.
Without the use of a camera being inserted into your plumbing these problems will go unattended and will cost you time , money and stress down the line.
Review from past client:
Hi Anthony,
Thanks again for inspecting the sewer line at 428 Elm for us.  You really worked hard with having to get on the roof and all.  We appreciate you going the extra mile to make sure that the sewer line was clear under the house.  We really appreciate your help and will recommend your services to anyone we know that needs a sewer inspection in the future.
Best regards,
Ann Fitter
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